Top 10 Whitewater Destinations in the World

Top 10 Whitewater Destinations in the World

1. Zambezi River, Zimbabwe

The middle Zambezi river starts at the base of Victoria Falls. This area is known as the "Boiling Point" and these Class V rapids are also home to crocodiles.

2. Futaleufu River White Water Rafting, Chile

The river is known for its deep blue waters created by glacier till. The most infamous part of the river is the "Throne Room" created by a house shaped boulder which is one of world's most difficult places to paddle in the world. The Chilean government might decide to build a dam on the river in the near future.

3. Karnali River, Nepal

Neapl is home to the largest mountains in the world and the Karnali River is one of the world's best rafting experiences. At the end of the river lies Royal Bardia National Park which is home to the Bengal tiger.

4. Yangtze River, China

The Yangtze River is one of China's greatest natural beauties but plans are under way to build a dam that could destroy the most picturesque parts of the river.

5. Magpie River, Quebec

Quebec and paddling have had a long history since the Coeurs des bois explorers Canadian rivers. The Magpie River is noted for its remoteness and it's only 500 km from Manhattan.

6. Middle Fork, Salmon River, Idaho

Middle Fork rapids aren't as powerful as some as the other rapids on this list. But the Big Horn Sheep and Elk who are visible from the river make this one of best whitewater experiences in the world.

7. White Nile, Uganda

This is indeed one of the world's most deadly rapids. The first descent was only in 1996 and the rapids may also be altered when a dam is built.

8. Arkansas River, Coloradoc

Colorado is known for outdoor pursuits. Colorado's rugged landscape and rivers make it an ideal place for rafting or kayaking.

9. Tenorio River, Costa Rica

This river rises near Tenorio Volcano.

10. Panstaza River, Ecuador

Roy was the NHL's winningest goalie till Brodeur beat his record. St. This rivers best features are several 100 foot waterfalls along the river.

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