Top 10 Basic Survival Skills

Here is a list of 10 Essential Basic Survival Skills. These skills are absolutely essential for anyone trapped in a remote area and were also necessary for the earliest humans to survive.

1. Building Fire

Since man started walking on two feet the most important survival skill required is the ability to build a fire. Fire keeps us warm, cooks our food, and is a warning sign for help.

How to Make Fire Without Matches

2. Building Shelter

The next best basic survival need is shelter. Shelter protects against the elements and building shelter is the first step to creating a civilized world.

How to Build Different Types of Shelters

Storm Safety Tips

3. Defending Against Dangerous Animals

Dangerous animals are more lethal than humans in some aspects because they can poison or maul you. Finding ways to ward off these animal attacks or avoid them is essential for survival.

How to survive dangerous animal attacks

Howstuffworks "Harrowing Survival Stories"

4. Communicating With Other Human Beings

Human beings have developed millions of languages. Learning a new language or  finding another way to communicate with people who don't speak your own language is very important if you don't want to be boiled in a pot.

Translate a Different Language

5. On the Move

For societies that want to move forward, transportation is the best. Walking is too slow. The easiest primitive vehicle is a canoe or a raft. It doesn't require great technical knowledge to create and it utilizes moving water which is more plentiful on Earth than land.

Paddling Properly

6. Maximizing the Human Body

Building vehicles and shelter is a good start to advance. But when disaster happens the only solution available is to run.

All you need for the Marathon

7. Keeping Warm

It's easier to live in warmer climates. Less shelter and clothing is required. But heat deters human advancement because disease spreads rapidly and it's harder to work in extreme heat. Northern Nations advanced quicker because they found a way to keep warm and start civilized nations. Everybody must find a way to battle the cold and survive.

Frostbite and Wind Chill: When is Cold too Cold?

How to survive Canadian weather?

8. Keeping Cool

Heat kills too. The easiest way to battle extreme heat is keep hydrated. If you can't locate water you have no chance for survival.

Water Procurement

9. All Tied Up

Tying knots is an essential survival skills for hikers, climbers, and boaters.

Animated Knots for Scouts

Real Knots: Knotting, bends, hitches and knotcraft.

10. First Aid

We all suffer injuries. First aid is the quickest and in remote areas the only option to recover.

Basic principles of wilderness first aid

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