Dave's Top 10 Cabin Moments

10. The sink

The worst part of the cabin trip was the clean-up. Usually Sunday was the day we left. The still molting fire had unrecognizable things in the fire that needed to be tidied up. But outside the fire was usually the worse. A trampelled cabin, beer bottles, puke puddles, and damaged stuff. I usually got stuck with washing the dishes. The worst was pancake mix. I had to let that crap soak for a good hour and then get something like a knife to scape that shit off the bowl. Of course when I finished the sink ended up plugging up.

9. Strudels

Nothing is better to bring for breakfast. You don't have to cook studels or add milk to eat it at cabin. When you are hung over the best is to keep it simple. I usually bought the warehouse packs and after a night of puking there was a lot of strudel residue left over.

8. Kevin's Funnel Incident

Oh the funnel. Everybody had their turn at my funnel. My favourite funnel moment has to go to Kevin. I remember he was funnelling some hard liquor and only wanted some of it in the funnel but I poured a little too much. Less than an hour later their was another puddle on the floor.

7. Shrinkage

Nothing beats the road trip. One time we went on a road trip to Jasper. One of the stops was the hot springs. After crisping in the hot springs I decided to have a competition who could stay in the ice cold water the longest. Joe, John and Kevin were out fast. It was left to me and Derek. After 5-10 minutes we mutually agreed to get the hell out of their.

6. Darwell Fries

The closest restaurant. The food was pretty good. But consumption of the "homemade fries" is not encouraged. Always go with the McCain curly fries there.

5. Derek's Tammy Rant

Just for the record I was the only one at the cabin who did not obsess over Tammy. She was a brunette which did not make her a tall hot blonde. One of the first times at the cabin Derek was drunk out of his mind and described Tammy's every bodypart. Too bad we did not tape it.

4. Ride of death

The early rides to the cabin were insane. Keith went sometimes at least 160 km/h. He probably went higher but I was too scared to look at the speedometer. He even floored corners at more than 100 km/h. And his choice of music. Crazy Clown Posse blaring did not calm my nerves.

3. Fire

The best part of the outdoors. Fire was given to us to survive. It provides heat and it can kill us. We started off with modest fires originally but with a new outhouse we had a new source of fuel. Combined with unknown liquids in unmarked containers we made a big fire. But everybody else rejected my idea to extend the fire pit because they thought I would burn down the cabin.

2. First time puking at the cabin

I held the record for the longest not to puke at the cabin. But one night I woke up in the middle of the night. I yelled at Kevin to get a bucket but he didn't feel like getting up. So I got up and ran outside, leaned over the padio, and made my mark.

1. Keith's Drunken Rampage

The work case of hooglinism at the cabin. He just lost it. Some chick did not go out with him so he went on a midnight walkabout. He started smashing stop signs and pulling out yield signs. We tried to stop him but after a while he was unstobbable. We let him go and eventually he tired out.

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