Joe's Top 10 Beers

Here is one of the most important top 10 lists on this website, the top 10 beers around (or at least that I have tried). This is probably also the hardest list to make since beer is so good.

10. Alexander Keith's

Type: India Pale Ale Made: Halifax, Nova Scotia (Nova Scotia Brewery - Labatt's) Alcohol: 5%

This beer is not surprisingly the top selling beer in Nova Scotia. Unfortunately, Labatt's have bought them up a while ago so it does not have the small brewery charm anymore. Being owned by the big brewery now, it is more accessible to Canadians coast to coast.

9. McEwan's Scotch Ale

Type: Scotch Ale (Wee Strong) Made: Edinburgh, Scotland (Scottish Courage - Scottish & Newcastle) Alcohol: 8%

The best way to describe this beer is that it tastes like molasses. It is a very strong, bitter beer that is not for the week at heart. I would not recommend it for light beer drinkers, or to have it often. It is great for dark beer enthusiasts, like me.

8. Samuel Adams Boston Lager

Type: Amber Lager Made: Boston, Mass. USA (Boston Beer Company) Alcohol: 4.8%

This is a darker lager that is widely considered the best US made beer (compared to all those bastardized ones like Bud and Miller). It is very smooth beer to have on a nice warm afternoon.

7. Boddington's

Type: Cream Ale (Pub Ale) Made: Manchester, England (Boddington & Sons Brewery - Interbrew) Alcohol: 4.1%

Very smooth beer, and it best from the tap. They are also known for their sexually motivated commercials in the UK. This beer has a broad appeal and can be enjoyed even by the causal beer drinker.

6. Holsten Pilsener

Type: Pilsener Made: Hamburg, Germany (Holsten-Brauerei) Alcohol: 4.8%

I am not the biggest fan of Pil style beers, but this one can be the exception. It the type of beer that, when you drink it, you just want more. I also have the reminisce of a mini keg on my cabinets at home, but it is not as cool anymore since Molson came out with the Bubba kegs.

5. Molson Export

Type: Ale Made: Montreal, Quebec (Molson Breweries) Alcohol: 5%

The best generic domestic beer in the country. It is more popular on the eastern Canada then in the west. So being a westerner, it is a bit tougher to find it, but it can be done. If you are low on money, or too cheap, this is a good cheap beer.

4. Löwenbräu Original

Type: Dortmunder Made: Munich, Germany (Lowenbrau - Interbrew) Alcohol: 5.2%

A great traditional German beer. It is everything that is great about German beer, made from the heart of Bavaria. It is bold and refreshing. You have to love the baby blue labels as well.

3. Traditional Ale

Type: Ale Made: Calgary, Alberta (Big Rock Brewery) Alcohol: 5%

I call this my default beer, since if I can't make up my mind what to get, I'll fall back on this. Its a great ale made in my home province. I highly recommend going to the brewery tour and get some free samples.

2. Newcastle Brown Ale

Type: Brown Ale Made: Newcastle-upon-Tyne, England (Scottish-Newcastle) Alcohol: 4.7%

One of the most popular beers in the UK, and for good reason. It is called "The One and Only" because I don't think there is a beer similar to it. It is surprisingly smooth with that little bit of bitter taste.

  1. Guinness Draught

Type: Dry Stout Made: Dublin, Ireland (St. James's Gate) Alcohol: 4.1 %

Just looking at the picture makes me want to go grab one. If you like dark beer, you love Guinness. It is not just refreshing and tasty, but it is also good for you! It has many anti-cancer agents in it and is low in calories. I think
I'm going for a beer now.

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