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London-Paris 2012

Culture Shock

Trek to the Himalayas

Himalayas 2010 Photo Gallery

New York 2009 Photo Gallery Dave Down Under

Dave Explores

Backpacking Down Under

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Outback Pictures

Great Barrier Reef Pictures

Eastern Australia Pictures

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The Edge of the Earth Dave in Middle Earth

Backpacking in Middle Earth

New Zealand Pictures Wild Top 10 Lists

Top 10 Whitewater Destinations in the World

Top 10 Basic Survival Skills

Joe's Top 10 Beers

Dave's Top 10 Cabin Moments

Top 10 Explorers

Top 100 Greatest Places to Visit in the World

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National Geographic News

Canada Kicks Ass

Guardian Travel

Outside Magazine

Guardian Life & Style

National Geographic Adventure


Trip Atlas Travel

GQ Eye

Adventure Links:

National Geographic Adventure Mag.: 100 Greatest Adventure Books

Wikipedia: Adventure

Wikipedia: Adventurer | Polar Explorer

How To Be An Adventurer

Time: The Adventurer

Going Wild

Celtic Adventurer - Riding the World

Adventure Journal

Outdoor Adventure Canada

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Whitewater Rafting

Scuba Diving

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Water Skiing




Dolphin Swimming


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Food Safety Network

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How Stuff Works Web Search | Learn What You Wanna Do

Vocational Information Center: Career and Technical Education Resources

Consumer Reports

How To Guides A Complete Encyclopedia of How To Guides


eHow | How To Do Just About Everything!

How to Clean Anything

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Relationships Living Family & Relationshipsk

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Men | Style for Men - Times Online LifeStyle - Dating & Love Lifestyle

Maxim Stuff

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Wikipedia: Mythology

Encyclopedia Mythica: Mythology

Mythology Myth and Classics

Foundation for Mythological Studies

Mythology and Folklore in the Yahoo! Directory - Your Guide To The Gods. Mythology with a twist!

Theoi Greek Mythology

Sacred Texts: Legends and Sagas

Ancient Greece

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About Camping

Michael Hodgson's Adventure Network

Wikipedia: Camping

Camping Canada

Tent Camping Tips

Go Camping Across Canada

Camping Guide - Gear and Camping Trips

Camping in the Yahoo! Directory

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BASE Jumping


Bungee jumping





Horseback Riding

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Yahoo! Travel Destination Guides

Travel- The New York Times

National Geographic Traveler Magazine

National Geographic Places of a Lifetime - Top 10 Lists - Travel

Where to Go backpacking - highlights, lowlights & wonders of the world

Guardian Travel

World's Best Bars

Adventure Travel - Adventure Center

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Snow Boarding

Ice Climbing

Dog Sledding


Alpine Skiing

Cross Country Skiing

Ice Skating


Wikipedia: Snowshoe

Ice Walks Creations
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