Top 10 Global Environmental Problems

Global warming is becoming a critical issue again with the wild weather occurring all over the world. In North America it is freezing right now. There was new evidence showing that global warming not impact with a comet caused the extinction of dinosaurs. The biggest contributer to global warming is us, who are too reckless in are use of power and making products. This list is just some of the worst examples of are battle against nature and the facts are taken out of the Guiness Book of World Records.

10. Melting glaciers

The Southern hemisphere is more drastically effected where many scientists predict there will be no skiing resorts in the southern hemisphere in the coming century. Antartica has had several huge icebergs break off and I haven't heard of any glaciers in the world that are increasing in size.

9. Mesopotamian marshlands

In the Middle East, over 90% Mesopotamian marshlands have dried up in the past 30 years. The Mesopotamian marshlands are the reputed site of the Garden of Eden and are largest wetland area in the middle east. The main part along the Iraq-Iran border has showed some signs of recovery but its destruction shows the middle east could be the area most in need of fresh water.

8. Megacities

Mexico City is the most polluted city in the world. Their levels of sulphur dioxide and carbon monoxide are double than accepted levels set by the WHO. Dzerzhinsk, Russia is the most polluted town in the world. It is home to numerous factories and there is one plant that emits 660 tons of vinyl chloride a year. The life expectancy for males is 42 and 47 for women.

7. Aral Sea

The Aral Sea between Uzbekistan and Kazakhstan shrunk from 26, 300 square miles to 11, 000 square miles in a 30 year period from 1960 to 1994.

Freshwater access could become the biggest issue in the 21st century. There is already a shortage in the middle east (60% of the water comes from outside the region) and a continued lack of clean water in Africa. The most effected areas are conflict zones where there is an over-use of resources and waste is desroying freshwater.

6. Desertification in China

The Gobi Desert expanded by 52 400 km squared in 1999. Over a quarter of China is offically desert and 400 million people are under threat from fast advancing deserts.

5. Antartica Ozone Hole

Measuring varies but the hole is the bigger over Antartica than anywhere else on the planet. There is not whole areas that are disappearing but rather it is getting thinner in all areas by about 14 miles a year. There has been some encouraging news showing that it is improving though.

4. Toxins

Dzerzhinsk, Russia is the most polluted town in the world. It is home to numerous factories and there is one plant that emits 660 tons of vinyl chloride a year. The life expectancy for males is 42 and 47 for women.

3. Nuclear waste

Chelabinsk, Russia has been radioactive since 1940. Since then there has been three major spots and is officially recognized as the most radioactive spot on the planet. The former Soviet Union was also the home to Chernobyl, the worst nuclear accident in history.

2. Over fishing

70% of the waters are being over fished in the world. There has been 32% drop in stocks since 1990 in Europe alone. The Europeans are notorious for over fishing in their part of the world and depleting stocks everywhere else. Several species of fish face extinction and further over fishing will cause permanent fish loss that could take generations to recover.

Another problem that still hasn't been resolved is whale hunting. It still is occurring and there are just a few nations that are protecting whales.

1. Amazon Rainforest deforestation

The rainforests have been called the lungs of the earth. 25, 476 km squared kilometers of the rainforest vanished between August 2001 and August 2002. This is the second largest total recorded since they first measured rainforest deforestation in 1978.

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