Ratify Kyoto

Recently Klein stated that “western separation” is a real threat because the feds plan on implementing the Kyoto protocol due to his personal rejection, which has the support of 89 countries. This is nothing but a desperate attempt to halt Kyoto that is supported by 70% of Albertans.

Kyoto has been compared to the National Energy Policy. NEP’s goal was to drain money out of Alberta, while Kyoto’s is to limit the amount of pollution that we produce.

A term heard often is the Alberta solution. The Global warming phenomenon is a threat to every region of the planet, and no corner of the planet (according Alberta) will be isolated.

Critics of Kyoto say Canada shouldn’t sign on because the US didn’t. Canada has a long history of spear-heading international agreements, and there is no reason why we should stop now. I am Canadian first, and don’t believe Canada has to follow the US blindly, and we must stand firmly behind our values.

A major criticism of Kyoto is that it could cause job losses. If this is such a serious threat than why are unions, and the NDP heavily behind Kyoto? Also what will the economic impact be if Kyoto isn’t implemented? Droughts plagued the province this past year, and food prices will be on the rise. Tourism is harmed by global warming, with the hot springs in the rockies drying up, and ski resorts becoming more dependent than ever on artificial snow because of the lack of moisture. There is also overwhelming scientific proof that links many diseases with poor air quality, and we can’t allow our health costs to keep on soaring.

Klein appears that he is attempting to build up Alberta nationalism to fight Kyoto. But, Albertans have pride in being part of a larger country, that has revered international prestige, tremendous success in home and abroad, and one of the world’s coldest climates that has forced us to work together to advance our society. Albertans will always be Canadians first, because of our strong desire to succeed, and are unwillingness to give up in challenges that we encounter.

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Updated: April 28, 2008
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