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"How many people do something they really believe in? I just wish people would realize that anything's possible if you try. Dreams are made if people try" Terry Fox

At Only 22, Terry Fox was diagnosed with osteogenic sarcoma cancer and he died one month before his 23rd birthday. What makes Terry Fox a hero is his spirited fight against cancer. Terry Fox had two dreams. The first was to run across Canada with a prosthetic leg. The second was to raise money to find a cure for cancer research. Unfortunately, the growth in his cancer prevented him from making it past the halfway mark in Thunder Bay, Ontario. But his unyielding termination gave hope to cancer survivors and his Marathon of Hope has raised over $360 million.

Terry Fox is indeed a Canadian hero. Canadians are hesitant of glorifying heroes because our vast country has so many regions making it almost impossible for political leaders to be adored in every part of the country. In Canada, we usually end up eating our own because we sometimes over-scrutinize Canadians that are in the spotlight. Terry Fox is an undisputed hero because he accomplished the unattainable without irritating anybody. The Dominion Institute and the Council for Canadian Unity rated him as the Greatest Canadian Hero in a 1999 survey. Also on the Greatest Canadian TV show, he finished second only behind Tommy Douglas. Whatever place he finishes in a particular poll he is constantly at top as all Canadians look up to him.

Terry Fox's Marathon of Hope

Terry Fox ran the most important 5300 km in history. Over 143 days he ran 42 km/day with only one healthy leg. His original goal of $1 for every Canadian for cancer research was reached before his death and to date his Marathon of Hope, that is run in over 60 countries has fundraised $360 million. Terry Fox's run was not just a one-time effort for cancer research but the run made cancer research funding a constant priority, and he gave hope to cancer patients to fight on. Further, he raised the profile of disabled persons proving that they can be a vital part of society. Besides his obvious physical impediment, he was only 22 when he attempted to do something that no able Canadian had accomplished before. His efforts earned him the Companion of the Order of Canada making him the youngest recipient- ever. Fox's dream proved if your desire is strong enough, nothing can prevent you from achieving your dream.

"Somewhere the hurting must stop" Terry Fox

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