Newspeak Update: Big Brother Is Watching You

You know what I hate, photo traffic tickets.  Ohhh, the bullshit.  Last week, I got not one, but two red light camera tickets.  (For the record, one was on the corner of 104 Ave.. and 109 St., and the other on 116 St. and Jasper Ave.)  Now, I wouldn't feel that bad if I went straight through the intersections, because hey, that's dangerous.  Both of the tickets though, I was turning right.  Now the last time I checked, turning right on a red light after stopping was legal in Alberta.  Now according to what I have heard of this law, and what I have heard from other people, those cameras are for people going straight through, not turning right or left.  Now some of the pinkos out there are going to say "Oh, but you have to make a complete stop at a red light blah blah."  Ya, no shit buddy.  My question is, how does a photograph tell the story of someone making a complete stop or not.  And if that was the violation, and I mean if, then isn't that a different rule being broken?  One that cannot be enforced by photographic spying.

Now, I've gone through this intersections before and have seen the flash behind me before, and from other cars.  This is the first time I have received a ticket, or I should say tickets.  Now why would Edmonton's finest, the Edmonton Police Service, would start giving tickets for this now?  I'm sure it has nothing to do with the traffic fines going up, and old Bill "You can't take my Pride" Smith saying we have no money for coppers, but we have money to redo Churchill Square, again, and for a fireworks show that makes our Roman Candle fights at the cabin look like Chinese New Year in Beijing.  Surely all of this is just a coincidence?  Certainly not in Edmonton.

Anyways, I will be taking this to court.  My court date isn't until July, so this saga is not over yet.  Stay tuned.

Help yourself against radar/photo tickets -

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