Top 10 Greatest TV Shows of All Time

10. Saturday Night Live
Mike Myers, Bill Murray, Dan Akyrod, Chris Farley, Dan Akyrod, David Spade, Chris Rock, Norm McDonald, Dennis Miller, and Gilda Radner. With these big talents starting on Saturday Night Live is it no wonder that it has lasted over 25 years. Although most of the skits suck, my favourite has to be Chris Farley's motivational speaker.

9. This Hour Has 22 Minutes
Of course it makes it for the years Rick Mercer was on the show. It helped filled a void by helping to make politics not so stale and highlighting political follies. Of course, it reached its point in the 2000 election campaign with the Doris Day petition. Rick Mercer humiliated Stockwell Day so badly that he was never able to recover but Mercer's career is on the way up with a new comedy show coming early next year.

8. Survivor Season One
The first of the onslaught of reality shows. Although it is not as exciting to watch anymore the first season was some of the best TV ever. Everybody was watching the season finale to find out if Rudy would win survivor. It broke norms by creating a great game show where we can see how low people will go to win a $1 Million. We also saw people eat things that moved and a show being based somewhere else than New York or Los Angeles.

7. David Letterman
Reaching nearly 20 years on TV Dave has created some of the most memorable moments on TV. Including Top 10 Lists, Drew Barrymore stripping on his show, and the bit where Steve Martin and David Letterman were a gay couple.

6. X-Files
Finally a new conspiracy TV hit the airwaves in the 90's. With the fall of communism people started to turn their heads toward their governments and wonder if they covered up the existence of aliens. It brought with it imaginative conspiracies and influenced a number of other shows and movies. The most successful conspiracy related movie was of course Men in Black.

5. Made in Canada
Perhaps one of the greatest satire shows ever. It was a satire of the Canadian television industry with a very Canadian feel to it. In addition, it had Rick Mercer and explored such television concepts as reality TV, struggling TV shows, corporate buyouts, and the digital television revolution.

4. Sopranos
The only show that can honestly claim to have a more dysfunctional family than the Osbournes. It takes on a new 21st century spin on the Mafia genre by using a periphery of current pop culture references. Also it has done what no other Mafia film has been able to do that is produce a long-lasting series with countless plot twists.

3. Simpsons
Television's Longest Running Sitcom is still on the air and is now re-writing all laws of television longevity. The reason for this is the diversity of characters. The creators have created a show that goes anywhere they want. It can be from Apu being deported, Mr. Burns needing a blood transfusion, or Mr. Skinner joining the army. The Simpsons is the dream for every aspiring TV show and something they all know they will not be able to reach.

2. Buffy
Who would have ever thought making a TV series out of a B movie would ever be such a success. Buffy gave male viewers what they wanted a hot blond chick kicking ass. Also it was compelling to watch. Unlike most other sappy teen shows, Buffy was exhilarating to watch with demons galore. Sex and violence the recipe to a successfull show.

1. Seinfeld
Television's best and brightest TV show. Now usually people watch TV because they got nothing to do but nobody took it so literally. Jerry Seinfeld is the only comedian who can make waiting hilarious. From waiting in line for soup, at a Chinese restaurant, or in line for a movie he made life's simple anxieties watchable. The series was so successful that TV executives have given up trying to find another Seinfeld. They decided to find any easier duller version to make- Reality TV.

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