Triumph of The Right

Last November President Bush won his first undisputed election with the help his alliance with the media against the truth.

Past regimes including Nazi Germany and the Soviet Union controlled the media but eventually were burned because the people knew their media was unbiased.

Nevertheless, the US media led by FOX news has set new standards of public manipulation by convincing they are “fair and balanced” when they are really a tool for the Republican Party.

Before 9/11, FOX News was just a competitor to CNN but that soon changed. After 9/11, Americans were scared confused. FOX News ratings soared with a new market of Americans looking for a simple message and a network giving them the news they wanted to hear. CNN and the other news outlets started losing rating and instead of trying to clarify their message, they emulated FOX. Overnight American’s media became cheerleaders for the Republican Party. Gone were the days when the press questioned authority and instead forced the public to be obedient to their republican President.

The Evidence

Before the Iraq war erupted, there was only one country in the world heavily favouring an invasion of Iraq. The citizens of the United States did not just believe Saddam had WMD they also held him responsible for 9/11. Both of these allegations are false and untrue even by the Bush administration.

The second myth created by the US media was the French were the lone opponents of the Iraq war. That is when the rest of the world realized how misinformed the US was when they renamed French Fries (which were created in Belgium) to Freedom Fries. There were a periphery of nations against the war from every continent and that is why Bush withdrew his proposal from the United Nations to avoid embarrassment. The coalition of the willing is consisted mostly of countries that are dependent on US aid and did not want to lose aid funding by opposing the Iraq war.

The third myth is that the United Nations is an evil organization. Critics of the UN blame it for having Arab countries on the Security Council, funding AIDS drugs, and being a debating society. The UN has Arab countries on the Security Council because it attempts to include representatives from all countries and there are a billion Muslims on the planet. It funds birth control drugs to save lives but the US turned that into an ideological debate. The UN does not have a military because its entire military is provided by member countries. It was not designed to go into action every time one of the superpower has wanted it to act but rather it only acts when there is unanimous support of the superpowers. Thus, it turns into a debating society when there is a division.


With a media embedded in the White House there is a few cracks of hope for the truth to surface. Since the debacle of the Iraq war, the major US newspapers decided to get off their knees and stand up to the US administration. The NY Times and Washington Post originally cheerleaders for the Iraq war changed their stance after they were lied to about Iraq’s alleged WMD. Ahmed Chalabi provided most of the NY Times sources of the search for WMD and they revolted after they discovered they were lied to. By the time the election occurred even right wing columnists such as Thomas Friedman were supporting John Kerry.

Regrettably, TV news changed very little until Michael Moore and Jon Stewart started a attracting a strong niche market. The youth of America were searching for an alternative. They used the Internet, and watched Fahrenheit 9/11 and the Daily Show that made them autonomous from traditional TV news sources. Fahrenheit 9/11 opened the eyes of many Americans although I was lukewarm to the film itself. Scores of Americans were shocked when they learned of the President’s connections to the Saudi’s and his failure to capture Osama Bin Laden. Jon Stewart a presenter of the “fake news” has astonishingly become America’s most trusted newsreader due to mainstream’s news networks refusal not to end their subordination to the Bush administration. Stewart’s success has arisen because he has refused to become a cheerleader for his government. He also has received little attacks from republicans because he has been able to remain neutral and attack real fallacies that happen to democrats and republicans. Even though pieces are exaggerated or totally fiction they still use real footage and the Daily Show is the harshest critic on TV of this administration.

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