Human Limits

Superheroes have extraordinary abilities that surpass the boundaries humans are capable of. In fantasy literature they solve impossible problems with the assistance of superpowers no ordinary human has. We all know humans can't fly or lift a skyscraper humans have trained harder and have been able to run faster, become stronger, and have continuously been able to break human limits. Here's a list of common "superpowers" and how close people have come to achieving superhero status.


No human being has even been able to fly without the assistance of machines. Flying is our greatest fantasy and we have achieved it through the building of airplanes. Cuban High Jumper Javier Sotomayor is the human being who has come closest to flight with the achievement of a high jump record of 2.45 meters.


Most superheroes are separated from us because they can move faster than mere mortals. Jamaican sprinter Asafa Powell holds the current world record of 9.77 seconds.

Superhuman Strength

Super-Strength gives superheroes the ability to dominate normal people. Russian Weightlifter Leonid Taranenko holds the world record for the heaviest clean snatch of all-time at 266 kg.


Humans want privacy and what is more private than being invisible. Cloaking technology may some day gave humans the ability to become invisible.

New Theory: How to Make Objects Invisible

X-Ray Vision

Natalya Demkina of Russia has been reported to have "dual vision". She has the ability to view a person's internal organs and make medical diagnoses. But it has not been proven and there may be another explanation for her usual talent.

Wikipedia: Natasha Demkina

The Girl With X-Ray Vision

Mind Control

If people have the ability to control other people, not many other superpowers are necessary. Through advertising and subliminal messages companies have attempted to manipulate people. Cults have also succeeded in achieving mind control on a group level.

Wikipedia: Mind Control

Mind Control and Ritual Abuse

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