Top 10 Greatest Movies of All-Time

10. Batman Begins

The Dark Knight may have grossed more money and had Heath Ledger but this is the movie that restarted the franchise. In the 90's, the Batman franchises featured big stars with dreadful scripts that nearly halted the future of Batman on the big screen. Christopher Nolan's reboot had even bigger stars, and a intelligent script that showed how Batman was created. This new perspective showed the Batman character cast in a realistic light who was portrayed more than a superhero but a real person who had the ability to inspire and is flawed.

9. It's A Wonderful Life

The Greatest Christmas Movie of All-Time is a timeless classic that shows there is more to Christmas than the commercial side. It is a fantasy movie but the themes are identifiable with everybody. A man who makes sacrifices for the greater good of his neighbours is sunk to suicidal depths when he loses a large amount of money and realizes that his life insurance policy makes him worth more dead than alive. The only person that can save him is a clumpy guardian angel that shows him an alternate reality of a world without George Bailey.

8. Godfather

It is most talked about and imitated crime movie of all-time. It is far more than a simple crime movie because it brings such vivid characters to the silver screen. Issues such as family, politics, and revenge are explored in this movie with the help of one of the greatest casts ever assembled. Brando, Pacino, and Duvall deliver some of the greatest lines ever recorded.

Godfather voted the Don of movie characters

7. Casablanca

Humphery Boggart stars in this WW2 thriller. Its about a love triangle interferred by world events. Casablanca is a place where many anti-nazi supporters are hiding from the Third Reich. The lead character has to choose between the woman he loves or helping libertate France.

6. Fugitive

Harrison Ford and Tommy Lee Jones are the driving force behind this movie. This is non-stop high drama movie of a falsely accussed man on the run. Chasing after him is an overzealous US marshall who will stop at nothing to capture him. Along the way Ford slowly discovers the reason why he was framed and who is responsible which ironically is the police's responsibility. The train crash and the waterfall scene are spectacular scenes in movie history.

5. Life is Beautiful

Roberto Bengini's cinematic masterpiece is enjoyable even though it was made in Italian and you have to read subtitles. Its a tragic story about a very likable character who is forced into a concentration camp along with his family. This is a story about a man who will give up everything to make life beautiful for his wife and son. When sent to the concentration camp he tries to explain to his son that this is all a game. Spielberg didn't like this part as he accussed Bengini of trying to make the holocaust humerous. But Bengini gets the final laugh because none of Spielberg's films were ever this great.

4. High Noon

The Greatest Western Movie of All-Time is just one honour bestowed upon this film. The other is it is favourite movie of both President George W Bush and Former President Bill Clinton. It should be hardly surprising that a world leader would love a film about a sheriff abandoned by everyone in his town because they are too afraid to stand up to some outlaws who were just left out of prison.

3. Shawshank Redemption

A man falsely convicted for the murder of his wife and her lover is sent to life in prison. No other movie has been able to tell a story of hope in hopeless circumstances like Shawshank Redemption did. " Get busy watching, or get busy dying." is the catchline of the movie. Instead of giving up hope the main character searches for freedom inside of a prison and lives every moment in prison to his fullest.  

2. V For Vendetta

The brothers who created the Matrix certainly surprised me with how good this movie was. It is based on a illustrated novel written in the 1980's and it was updated for the 21st century and its anarchist themes were replaced by a more sophisticated theme of civic participation. V is a terrorist who seeks to wake up a apathetic population to be ruled by the government they want.

V for Vendetta: Guy Fawkes in Egypt

1. Lord of the Rings- Return of the King

Most people thought it was impossbile to bring Tokinen's fantasy world to the big screen. But Peter Jackson surpassed everyone's expectations by producing a 3-part movie epic that builds up to its finale in the third movie. Lord of the Rings broke away from the typical book to movie formula of only having 2 or 3 main characters interacting in a simplified plot of a book. Lord of the Rings had several main characters who battled the darkest evils and forced them all to find the courage to face and defeat it. New Zealand Pictures

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